Ryan McGimsey


Ryan McGimsey serves as Associate for Boutique National. He is a Florida-native, born and raised in the Tampa/St. Pete area. He now resides in Plant City, FL.

Prior to joining Bounat, Ryan navigated the diverse world of real estate wearing multiple hats as an active mortgage loan originator for residential properties. In his earlier professional life, he served as a freight broker, collaborating with companies nationwide in the intricate web of shipping and closely working with warehousing and 3PL companies.

His passion for real estate was further fostered when he embarked on a transformative project during the pandemic – purchasing and refurbishing a historic commercial building from the 1920s. This endeavor resulted in the creation of a salon and boutique. Ryan is excited to learn more and continue to develop his skills as a commercial broker.

Ryan is a graduate of University of Southern Florida, where he received his degree in Finance. Outside of work, he holds dear the moments spent with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys golf cart rides, park visits, crafts, and various other pursuits with his family.